Update + Interview with Accepted.com

Good morning!

I have not updated my blog in a while. There really haven’t been much of an update. I already paid my deposit to go to MIT Sloan, and I am ready to attend in the Fall. I did an interview at Accepted.com (http://blog.accepted.com/2015/03/01/iv-overrepresented-minority-mit-sloan-admit/) if any prospective candidates want to view it.

I may or may not update this blog much in the near future. The key takeaway is don’t let rejections make you overthink your credentials and effort. There are more and less “qualified” people that got in. However, qualified is such a subjective term.

Another thing for candidates more than a year out from applying. This may sound disingenuous, but I do think if you are targeting the best schools and want to have a great story, quit your job and join a nonprofit. In your essay, talk about your convictions to be a social entrepreneur. Bam, you will get to most schools. It’s a big step to do it, because you won’t get paid. However, if you already come from a family of wealth, I do not see it as a big risk. I could not do that, since I was already supporting my parents.


One thought on “Update + Interview with Accepted.com

  1. Nice my friend. You’ve had a long journey too so you deserve some time out before matriculation to consider your next steps.

    So, will most probably see you at Sloan in a few months’ time then! 😉


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