Sloan MBA Careers Breakdown

Sloan has one of the smallest MBA classes. ~30% go into consulting. Low single digits even go into investment management and private equity. I was curious to see what firms hired Sloan MBA students:

Sloan Employer Type
Advent International Corp. Private Equity
Black River Asset Management Asset Management
Fidelity Investments Asset Management
MassVentures Venture Capital
MFS Investment Management Asset Management
Norwest Equity Partners Venture Capital
PAR Capital Management Hedge Fund
Passport Capital Hedge Fund
PIMCO Asset Management
Redstar Ventures Venture Capital
Wellington Management Asset Management

Forgive me if I left off some names on accident. This list includes both 2014 full-time and 2015 internships. The list isĀ ALOT smaller than Kellogg’s. One thing I was impressed with was Sloan’s faculty in Finance. However, if I did get accepted at Sloan, I will be taking a real hard look at pursuing entrepreneurship. Potentially having finance as a fall-back.

The buy-side presence is really small here at Sloan.